The Virtual Traveler

I have been traveling for most of my adult life and full time for the last decade. Lately there is a phenomenon that I see repeated time and time again. People will discover I manage poker cruises or that I spend a third of my year in Cuba and then the questions start. “How does somebody go on something like that?”. “I wish I was rich like you to travel so much”. “You are so lucky to be able to travel all the time”. Some of these comments are curiosity and some are just plain ignorance. If it ended there, I would chalk it up to just passing conversation. Then it really begins. “I want to come on your next trip”. I always answer with a “great I would love to have you”. These people always say they are in for sure. They can’t wait to go. They are going to bring others with them. The questions keep coming. The details, the food, the plane ticket questions. Then…poof into the ether! If this was an isolated event, I would think something came up or the person just changed their minds, but no this literally happens about 30 times a year in my life.


Let me start by saying I am far from rich. In fact if most of you saw my bank statement, you would think I was poor. I am not lucky either. Luck is finding a $20 bill on the floor. The only difference between me and these people is I have decided that I WILL travel at all costs. It takes sacrifice. You may not have the newest car. You may not be able to buy that new house with a 30 year mortgage. You may have to not go out to eat at such nice places or not get that new outfit. You may not be able to have 4 kids and raise them and put them through college. It takes a desire to make it your biggest priority. Isn’t that what any of life’s successes comes down to? You need to want it more. I am fully convinced that for these people this isn’t any different than buying a lottery ticket. You pony up your dollar and then sit and talk about and dream of all the places you will go, all the things you will buy, all the responsibility you will be freed of. It makes you feel good until the next drawing and then life is there waiting for you. Lottery.jpg

Listen up my friends. We all have different priorities in this life. If yours is truly to see the world or to make some changes in your life, don’t keep lying to yourself. Nobody hands you the keys. You need to plan, work, sacrifice and execute until your dream becomes a reality. Life is too short to just keep waiting on that lottery ticket.

Good luck.jpeg

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