Visit a Mining Town Near Las Vegas


The next time you visit Las Vegas and you need a break from the non stop dinging of slot machines and woohoo partiers you should take a ride out to Nelson, NV. A short 25 mile drive on US Highway 95 sits the sleepy little mining town of Nelson. Originally founded as El Dorado in 1775, this town was one of the most profitable gold rush towns in the west. Later during the American civil war, deserters from the Union and Confederate armies would hide there thinking nobody would ever look for them in this remote hidden town. Located just 5 miles from the famous Colorado river, this town has now been used in countless Hollywood movies and shows. Most famously 3000 Miles to Graceland where the plane wreckage from that movie still stands there today.



Fast forward to today and the town mostly consists of a former Texaco station that now serves as a general store/museum. You can opt to take the $5 guided tour of the mine shafts and hear all about this towns fascinating history. Otherwise you can freely walk around and look at all the old cars and gas pumps that are just sitting there decaying and lots of old mining equipment. The town is a photographer’s dream.


It makes for a great day trip just half hour away from all the glitz and glamour and is surprisingly one of the places that not even most locals know about. After you are done enjoying this great town, take a short 5 minute drive to the famous Colorado river and have a picnic lunch on the banks of this beautiful river. There are rarely people around and it makes for a very romantic date.





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