Top 10 Things I ate at The Minnesota State Fair

There is nothing that says America like a state fair. Give us your fried, your deep fried, your refried huddled masses. This is my second year attending the Minnesota State Fair, which is the second largest in the country after Texas…of course. I also happened to go on an all time record setting day for attendance. That being the case, you need more of a game plan than ever before or you may accidentally eat something healthy or not delicious!

Me and a million of my fellow Patriots. 

So here goes the top 10 not to miss items at the Minnesota State Fair.

Number 1. Cheese Curds

These are my favorite thing at the fair and they are better than anywhere else I have had them. Usually the first thing I head for.


Number 2. Pronto Pup

The easy way to get a Minnesotan worked up is to call this a “corn dog”. They will vehemently tell you it is not and it is better.

What is the real difference between the two and which one is better?

Let’s keep this short and sweet (PUN!)

Corn Dog’s are made with cornmeal or corn flour. They have a sweeter taste to them.

Pronto Pup’s are made with flour or with pancake batter.

My response: I LOVE THEM BOTH


Number 3. Mini Donut Beer

A sweet little beer that tastes a little of brown sugar with the help of the brown sugar on the rim. A great one cup beer but would be hard to drink multiples. Very good though.


Number 4. Caramel Apples

My friend ordered these and apparently for a buck extra they will drown them in caramel. Hard to argue it was a bad idea with a mouth full of caramel.


Number 5. Spam Curds

I love cheese curds. So these should be right in my wheelhouse. While not quite as good as cheese curds, these were delicious in their own right. You have to love Spam though to love these.


Number 6. Deep Fried Olives Stuffed with Cheese and Wrapped in Bacon.

These were ridiculous good. Make you think about buying a deep fryer good. Smack your lovers hand away good. Olives, bacon, cheese, deep fried…I love all those words!


Number 7. Mini Donuts

I think what makes these so great at the fair is that they are always fresh and hot due to the many people in line. Pro-tip: Right next door you can get a bottomless glass of milk for $2. Damn near sounds healthy.


Number 8. Australian Style Potato Skins

We got these with the sweet chili sauce and sour cream and a friendly fair patron donated some nacho cheese to round them out. #TeamWork


Number 9. Mini Donut Candied Bacon Sliders

It’s impressive how many ways you can work a donut into this fair! Look at these ingredients, do you think these could possibly have tasted anything but amazing?


Number 10. Fried Baklava on a Stick

Figured we would end our day with a little dessert. Baklava is good. Fried baklava is a delicious sin against the waistline of mankind.


What do you all think of these choices? Leave a comment below and please don’t forget to follow this page so you will always know when new articles are posted.

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