Oh Thank Heaven for 7-11

If you spend 10 minutes in Thailand, you will quicky realize their obsession with 7-11’s. You can actually see the next 7-11 from the one you’re standing in. At first you wonder why there are so many. Then you quickly fall victim to their lure. 

Let’s start with the air conditioning. Few places in Thailand are air conditioned. All 7-11’s are though and it’s a great excuse to get out of the heat. 

24 hour oasis

Then while cooling off, you realize you’ve stepped into a bizarre new snack paradise. Almost everything is different from what we have in the States. Just look at the chip isle!

My first words in Thai will be chip flavors.

Crazy flavors like spicy squid and sweet basil are amongst the hundreds of flavors in chips alone. If you have a bigger appetite, they offer meals as well. 

Way better than Panda Express for 10% of the price!

Here is what I had for lunch today and it cost just under $1.50 for all of it. 

Spicy pork fried rice
Garlic fried egg over white rice with pork on the side

They will even warm the food up for you and the crazy part is everything is delicious! You also get these funny little stamps with purchase and save them up for gifts. 

I need one more choking guy for the secret mystery gift!!

The best part of all is everything is crazy cheap. You can grab dinner for two and enough junk food to put you in a food coma for one night for less than $5. 

As much as I have grown to love all these things at 7-11 here, I am glad it’s not a part of my normal life. I would gain 100lbs living like this. In the meantime though, I have the vacation munchies! 

Total cost of this food binge was $1.50

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