Could Travel Change Your Career and Life?

I like most of you started traveling for the adventure. The idea of just being in one place for too long never appealed to me. I would look for any excuse to get out of town, get out of work and get out of my daily routine.

Once I realized I had the bug, I quickly realized I had a big problem…work! I had been in the gaming industry for nearly two decades and absolutely hated it. Now that it was standing between me and my beloved travel, I hated it even more. Then without even knowing it, because I was doing something I loved, I backed into a new career.


6 years ago when I first went to Cuba, it was solely because I have always been an avid cigar lover and wanted to explore the birthplace of the worlds greatest cigars. I never had the intention of going there as often or even ever again after the first trip. But as always with travel, you never know what changes it will bring to your life.

In the last 6 years without me even being aware of it half the time, some very amazing things have happened. I have learned to speak Spanish. I have built a boutique travel company at which has helped over a hundred people see the Cuba I love. I have started a travel blog and am really enjoying sharing my adventures and experiences with people. I got into filming and learned how to make my first profitable YouTube video and most recently and with great surprise to me, I wrote and published my first ever book!


This all came because I finally decided to follow the old adage of “do what you love and it won’t feel like work”. What was really me just following my dreams and trying to help people along the way has turned into something that is offering me the ultimate reward…freedom. I went from hating when people asked me what I do to beaming with pride when I tell them about my writing and adventures. I may never get rich from any of this but in many ways it has already brought me more happiness than money can buy.

I have met a woman I love, friends I adore and learned different languages and cultures all thanks to travel. How sad would it be for me to have missed that?



Are you stuck in a rut? Are you working a job you hate or in a relationship that is keeping you from your dreams? Does this sound like the beginning of a self help/real estate/ multilevel marketing infomercial? LOL

But honestly, if you can’t be true to your dreams and take a chance on yourself, who else do you expect will? There will always be fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of change. Embrace it, because a life lived for someone else’s dreams, is a life that never existed.

Has travel changed your life? Send me your story and it may get published to inspire others.

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