New Years Resolution for 2017…Be Homeless

new-adventureI hope this article finds you all healthy and happy in the new year. 2017 is upon us and we can no longer hashtag blame 2016. This article is written a little tongue in cheek because I have never been a big believer in resolutions. I think that any moment of the year is as good a time as any to start a diet, be nicer to people, change bad habits, etc.

Since this particular goal involves the entire year of 2017 for me though, I figured making it a resolution would be fair. My goal for 2017 is to live it without a home-base. I have travel planned for the entire year that culminates in mid December 2017. At first this sounds very exciting and I still think that it does but what are the sacrifices that have to be made to make this a reality. I have already caught myself not buying something because I have no place to put it or reaching for something that isn’t there because I didn’t pack it. Sleeping in different beds all the time has its downsides as well. I miss my pillow 🙂

There will always remain a part of me and really all of us that just wants to go home, get in our comfy clothes, sit in our favorite chair and do what we do best…veg. That my friends is the enemy of all new year’s resolutions. I challenge you one and all to simply make 2017 the year you challenge comfortable. You will never grow, experience true life experiences and find out what makes you really happy as long as you are in those comfy pants. Fear of the unknown is a great tool and life motivator. The unknown is what makes life worth living. Otherwise, we are just living “been there and done that”.

I am a planner and one of the best methods I have found to accomplish goals is to plan for them. Every year I set a schedule of travel. It does not matter if I think I can afford it at the time or if it scares me to think of planning out a whole year. Every year, something amazing happens, I fulfill that schedule. Just deciding you are going to do something, often times is the toughest hurdle you will face.

I hope you all continue to follow my travels and adventures this year. I have my most ambitious schedule yet. Here are some of the planned highlights and of course, there will always be surprises.



The year is going to start in Mexico City. I have been to many parts of Mexico but never to Mexico City itself. I look forward to my usual make my belly happy places of beer and street food but I am also excited about seeing some ruins and other historical sites.


Right after Mexico, I will be heading to Colombia for two weeks. Colombia is exciting to me for many reasons. It will be country number 50 and has been high on my list of countries to visit. I look forward to continue improving my Spanish while learning about the countries good and bad history. I am dreaming about arepas and hang gliding off Medellin’s beautiful surrounding mountains. I will then head to Bogota to experience a different side of the country and some high altitude hijinks.


I have multiple trips to Cuba planned this year. I have a lot of clients booked to come down and I am always excited to show them my second home. Cuba is undergoing some insanely fast change and some of it is causing growing pains. While I am not sure how much longer it will remain the same Cuba I fell in love with, I plan on enjoying it for as long as I can.


In mid April we will be taking a two week cruise to my second favorite city, Barcelona. I will be stopping in some new places like the Azores, Malaga and Ibiza. I look forward to arriving in Barcelona and eating, drinking and walking my way around that majestic city.


I will be stopping by Munich for a few days in May. I have visited Munich in the past and still have dreams of oversized beers and pretzels. I am thinking of making a quick detour to Austria to check off country 51 🙂


I have never been to Budapest but have only heard wonderful things. This mid May stop should make for some wonderful exploring of new places and trying new foods.


Another high on my list country that I can’t believe it has taken me this long to get to. I am looking forward to learning more about Poland and eating tasty pierogis while doing it.


Summer is going to be spent learning a new trade I hope. More details coming soon.


I didn’t realize I had been living in black and white till I visited Thailand last year. This year I am going back for 70 days and hopefully visiting Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia as well. I am drooling just thinking of all the delicious street food I will be eating and all the new cultures I can’t wait to see.

December brings me to this year’s biggest question. Where will home be next? Part of me thinks that there might be no set home for a while. I like the idea of just living in interesting places and staying as long as interest, learning, love and of course money holds up. Part of me I am sure will want those comfy  clothes and my own bed after this year. Let’s see where wanderlust will take us.


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