Move to Cuba!


How many people did you hear say “If Trump wins the election, I am moving out of this country”? I am doing it!

This probably won’t come as a surprise to those that know me well but the time has come to make Cuba my permanent home. After 7 years of visiting and living there part of the year, I have decided to just go all in.


A lot of factors have played into this decision. Thanks to a lot of you and a lot of work, my tour company has grown enough to become a full time job for me. I am prepared to buy a home in Havana. Finally, I just don’t feel safe, well treated, proud of current leadership and the overall general direction of our great nation. Prices continue to skyrocket while the average person can’t get ahead. Oh the irony of moving to a socialist country to “get ahead”.

I have always felt welcome in Cuba. I have always felt safe. I have had the best nights of my life these past 7 years living it up in Havana and I am always sad to leave. So I won’t anymore. I also feel like Cuba is at a point where most of my friends and family will continue to visit me there.


So here are the big changes. I am starting a podcast next week called “An American Moves to Havana”. It will detail my day to day learning of the Cuban culture and I am sure there will be a million rants and meltdowns as I try and navigate an entirely new language and country to buy and fix up my dream home. I will also be talking about the real day to day life in Havana and the million funny things that happen there and not anywhere else.

I have one more big trip planned this year to Asia and will write about my adventure there. After that, I imagine most of my writing will be about Cuba for the next 18 months while I get my ducks in order.

The tour business is expanding and I am constantly looking for ways to cut prices so that everyone can afford to come see my new adopted country. I hope with living there, I can provide better service and lower prices.

I am still doing all the AnteUp cruises and I hope to see many of you on one of our many upcoming sailings.

I will be an official Havana resident as of June 1st and I will have access to email, FB Messenger and occasionally text messages. I hope you all keep in touch and better yet, come see me 🙂


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